Update: 11/20/2016
Merle Gene
Puppy Package
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Puppy Contract
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Sha-Kodah delivered 4 little male puppies on Saturday
Noveber 19th. Please see pictures below. Merles are very
tiny and on hold for now.
Skyla and Cash are due to have puppies December 10th.
We are expecting Chocolate Merle Parti's, Blue Merles,
maybe Tri-Parti's, Chocolate's...? Should be in the 5 to 9
pound range as adults.
Skyla (Blue Merle/Tan Points)
Cash (Dark Chocolate Parti)
This little guy is very tiny. He is only 2.3 ounces so not sure
how he will do. He may become available later.
Darling little Black Parti Boy. Love his perfect markings. He
is available. Price will be between $1000 & $1100.
Black & Tan with merle markings. He is a tiny little boy at 3.2
ounces. Sorry he is on hold, but may become available.
on hold
On Hold
I love the face on this little boy. He looks black but is actually
a very dark Chocolate Tri-Parti. You can see the tan on his
face in the last picture. $1200
Mom & Babies